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What is 60 Decibels?

We're here to make understanding social impact easy. Our Lean DataSM approach helps you hear directly from your customers, helping you build impact measurement and customer-centricity into business as usual. Our tried and tested questions, smart analysis, and impact benchmarks deliver actionable results in weeks, transforming how you use social impact data.

We’re published, informing global standards and winning awards.

Life has changed because I no longer go to the bush to look for firewood and still I use less money on charcoal.

BURN customer, Kenya

A poor person just like me can easily buy this system because you pay on installments and also on guarantee. It works very well.

Nizam Bijili customer, Pakistan



Make better investment decisions and manage impact across your portfolio

Due Diligence

Bring customer voice into due diligence – quickly understand poverty levels, Net Promoter Score, and more

Post Investment Support

Offer social performance measurement as a service to investees

Portfolio-wide Analysis

Gather insights across your portfolio using standard or custom benchmarks

Deep Dives

Gain a deeper understanding of the impact of a specific portfolio company

Social Enterprises

Get feedback and measure impact in a way that works for you and your customers

Value Proposition

Understand why customers want your products and what makes them stay

Customer Profiles

Get to know what the typical customer you’re serving looks like

Customer Happiness

Find out what makes your customers happy and what you can do to improve

Social Performance

Learn about the impact you have in customers’ lives, and the outcomes they experience

Before, I had to go twice a day to collect wood, but now the trips to bring wood is reduced as the BioLite cookstove uses less.

BioLite customer, India

We have better security outside and my children can learn better with the lights.

Orb Energy customer, Kenya

Our Work

Acumen’s Energy Portfolio

Impact Report

The Power of Lean Data




Jed Emerson on getting beyond ‘the metrics myth’


Omidyar Network

Case Study

Customer survey data that makes it simpler to embrace the complexity of impact investing


I was tired of living in darkness so I wanted to get a sustainable electricity in my house.

Devergy customer, Tanzania

For us people who live in the village, it is like liberation because Devergy's price is affordable and their service is very good.

Devergy customer, Tanzania

Our Clients

Our Story

If you listen, you learn. Our goal is to put listening back where it belongs, at the heart of social impact measurement.

To do this, we help social change organizations listen to the people that matter most - their customers, beneficiaries, suppliers or employees – through an approach to impact measurement and customer insights we call Lean DataSM.

Lean DataSM was created in 2014 by Acumen, a not-for-profit patient capital investor. Acumen sought to build a way to measure impact that both met its needs as an investor and also created significant value for its investees.

After lots of experimentation—much of it focused on finding the best ways to measure impact using mobile phones–by 2015, Acumen was beginning to get cross-portfolio, comparable impact data that went beyond basic measures such as “lives impacted.” As important, Acumen’s investees found this impact measurement valuable in helping them understand and better serve their customers. As Acumen started to share these results, and the techniques used to get them, other organizations started asking if Lean Data could help them better understand their social impact.

In early 2019, recognizing the potential to make a positive contribution to the wider sector by scaling this new approach to measuring impact, Acumen spun out Lean DataSM to create a new company, 60 Decibels, founded by the team that built Lean DataSM within Acumen.

Today, we are relentlessly focused on providing high-speed, high-quality, end-to-end customer insights and impact measurement services, anywhere in the world.

We are also excited to be building some of the social sectors deepest benchmarks of social impact, allowing organizations to see how they’re doing compared to their peers.

If you’re interested in a better way to listen and understand your impact, we’d love to talk.

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