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How do we work?_
mobile data collection
> mostly voice
using our researchers
in 34 countries
tested questions -> standard surveys
social impact benchmarks  (!!)
> Approach
  • Approach

    • We put mobile, voice-based customer data collection at your fingertips, so you can understand social impact from the ground up.

      1. 960+ researchers conduct local-language voice surveys in 74 countries
      2. Tested social impact survey tools, aligned to industry standards
      3. Integrated technology platform linked to our impact database
  • Practical Expertise

    • Our team lives at the intersection of social impact and business metrics, with the right mix of technical and practical experience to deliver the data and insights you need, fast.

      1. Deep expertise in off-grid energy, agriculture, education,financial inclusion, and gender
      2. Diverse team with a mix of social science, impact investing, social enterprise, and international
      3. Incubated within a social impact investment fund, with deep understanding of both investor and enterprise needs
  • Services

    • Customized approach that builds on your specific impact measurement needs.

      1. Deep-dive impact projects
      2. Portfolio wide impact assessments with comparable data
      3. Full development of impact methodology, theory of change, data collection, and analysis
  • History

    Lean Data, our approach to social impact measurement, was created in 2014 by Acumen, a not for profit patient capital investor. Acumen sought to build a way to measure impact that both met its needs as an investor and created significant value for its investees.

    After lots of experimentation, much of it focused on finding the best ways to measure impact using mobile phones, by 2015, Acumen had cross-portfolio, comparable impact data that went beyond basic measures such as “lives impacted.” As important, Acumen’s investees found that Lean Data helped them understand and better serve their customers.

    In early 2019, recognizing the potential to make a positive contribution to the wider sector by scaling this new approach to measuring impact, Acumen spun out Lean Data to create a new company, 60 Decibels, founded by the team that built Lean Data at Acumen.

  • For Funders

    • Got an impact framework? Starting from scratch? We’ll chart the fastest route to getting you comparable, cross-portfolio data on the social performance of your investments.

      And along the way we can...

      1. Tweak or build your impact framework and help you select the most relevant metrics.
      2. Assess and build the data capabilities of the organizations you fund.
      3. Jump-start data collection across your portfolio by executing Lean Data projects with your investees.
      4. Build repeatable, cross-portfolio data collection so that you can assess performance year-in, year-out.

    Read a Case Study

  • For Enterprises

    • Need a hand measuring social impact in a way that’s of genuine value to your business? Want to learn more about your customers wants and needs? We’re here to help.

      Use Lean Data to...

      1. Find out who your customers are, what makes them happy, and what you can do to keep it that way.
      2. Learn about the impact you have and benchmark yourself against peers.
      3. Cut through all the impact measurement confusion and get data that helps you serve customers better.
      4. Wow your funders with best-in-class customer impact data.
"Lean Data has allowed us to see comparable impact data across our portfolio for the first time."

Roy Steiner, Managing Director
Food Initiative, Rockefeller Foundation

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